São Tomé Capital project: Mini-eco Sustainable city building

In June 2019 São Tomé sustainable heritage Project was introduced to the official Cape Verdeans government. The proposed project involved the urban development on the outskirts of the Nelson Mandela International Airport in the City of Praia. The total built area is 166 hectares. These includes a development of a virgin area, providing important indigenous re identification space for local organizations, improving tourist activities by including a theme park, football arena, Green park with a Dancing Water Fountain. The site will also have 4/5G wifi with Tesla Solar panels as part of its utility network system. It consists of a residential component, including approximately 600 apartments, duplexes and 30 villas with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. Residential amenities are expected to include community facilities, government reps in the sports committee and any  Cape Verdeans involved in the community initiatives.  Without a doubt this innovative and eco sustainable project will boost  tourism industry while impacting the Cape Verde economy positively. It  was received by the government which reassured to give their full support.  We would like to thank Vice Prime Minister Mr Olavo Correira and  his Special adviser Mr Joao Santos for their valuable time, interest and hospitality. We look forward to working with Cape Verdean government to make Cape Verde one of the "best gateway to Africa".

|   With Vice Prime Minister Mr Olavo Correira and team
|   Special adviser Mr Joao Santos
|   Plan of the Mini-eco Sustainable city building