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Chief Financial Official (CFO) Dr Tokie Laotan-Brown

Dr Tokie Laotan-Brown is a Treasurer for the Executive Committee for the Association Critical Heritage Studies.

An associate member of International Network of Traditional Building Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU), Construction Industry of Builders (CIOB) in Ireland, Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist (CIAT) UK and UK-Green Building Council. A contributing Member on the ISCCL (International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes)and represents Nigeria and Ireland on ICOMOS-IFLA. Dr Tokie also works as an Indigenous Architect and Cultural Economist with Merging Ecologies. Co- Founder and Women-led, Tea Group Ltd, which maintains a bespoke sustainable and heritage infused design development solutions globally. She has also been the Treasurer for the BBEIG (Buy Black Economic Investment Group) for 4 years.  A Joint PhD research in Economics and Techniques in the Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage with the University of Nova Gorica and Universita Luav Di Venezia in Italy.

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