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Innovative Solutions BelleLaVie Corp joins coronavirus fight

filling the shortage of essential medical supplies”

Companies across the globe have shifted operations to support healthcare workers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and BelleLaVie Corp is no exception to the rule.

As the world faces a shortage in critical medical supplies as well as food commodities created by the rapidly spreading Coronavirus. Most companies have taken the initiative to manufacture their own products such as masks, test kits and thermometers. As a quality-conscious Company with steep social responsibility ethos, it was obvious that BelleLaVie Corp will be part of this same initiative.

BelleLaVie Corp cares deeply about people, countries and communities specially within the Diaspora in which we operate in. “When we heard of the shortages of masks becoming a serious issue in hospitals, we felt it was our social responsibility to respond and help.” As stated by the Co-founders, Dr Tokie Brown and  Alizé Utteryn. BelleLaVie Corp is connected to nonprofit partners and government agencies to work together in these extraordinary times. The Co-Founders reiterated that they have implemented a strategy to produce their own products in their factory to deliver large quantities to countries which are most in need. Here are the list of products BelleLaVie can offer. All products are high quality and certified. BelleLaVie responds to needs anywhere in the world in such an efficient timescale for deliveries since they control their own logistics. Please feel free to reach out to them on or directly via BelleLaVie guarantees you the best quality service and commitment to a long valued relationship.

  • N95RIZSQ100 Sb

· ME 01K TYPE IIR · N95 GB 19083-2010


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