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Official visits with the Nigerian Federal Government Officials

The BelleLaVie Corp team was invited to Nigeria to participate in meeting with NIDO Europe and the Federal Government at the Permanent Secretary (Political) Office in Abuja. A presentation was also conducted with Osun State.

The general purpose was for BelleLaVie Corp to introduce “Innovative Finance” that will provide finance for major projects in various sectors. The Finance innovation can be used to finance any project in the state as well as other areas where funds are needed. It has the capacity to provide 350 Millions -10 Billions Euros.

The funding negotiations are arranged through BelleLaVie Corp LLC fund managers, Prof. (Dr) Tokie Laotan-Brown (Dublin, Ireland) and Ms Alize Utteryn (New York, USA). A successful mission since BelleLaVie Corp was requested to work on 2 Majors government projects as strategic partners with our clients which will be detailed at a later post.

November 28th 2019 in Abuja at the Permanent Secretary (Political) Office with NIDO team and strategic partners

December 4th 2019 at the Osun Governor office

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