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Trading essential commodities set for delivery to and from the Caribbean and Africa to Saudi Arabia

Dernière mise à jour : 8 mai 2020

Most people’s lives have been completely upended by the CoronaVirus sweeping the entire globe. In an effort to fight this devastating pandemic, BelleLaVie Corp has decided to join its forces and resources to make a difference. Although BelleLaVie is specialized in the finance industry the company is passionately committed to positive changes and social good. The company’s core values lies in empowering the Diaspora (The Caribbean and Africa). The company’s platform helps to find funding for social and economic projects. BelleLaVie offers an innovative disruption of finances for investments and finds ways to strengthen local communities’ ability to become more accountable financially.

So far, African countries have recorded low rates of the coronavirus infection and are more in danger of a hunger induced crisis. While the current focus from most sectors is to look for or give just medical supplies, BelleLaVie has been focusing on getting essential food commodities to countries in need of sustainable flows of food sources during the lockdown. There is already an acute shortage of food supplies and this growing issue is considered to be Africa’s biggest concern even though it’s rich in resources.

This new subsidiary of BelleLaVie Corp was born in the middle of this pandemic to find a way to support African and Caribbean countries, developing shortages in some commodities such as sugar, cashews, rice etc. As a result BelleLaVie Corp are proud to have closed transaction deliveries for parts of Africa and Caribbean to Saudi Arabia, with more orders in the pipeline to Europe. This tragedy has in turn prompted BelleLaVie Corp to create an opportunity for Africa to provide leadership in the Agricultural and Commodities sector for the globe during this pandemic. BelleLaVie Corp is committed to developing long term relationships with African and Caribbean farmers as technical partners in this fight. BelleLaVie Corp believes that Africa and the Caribbean can feed itself and the rest of the world, thereby shifting a more positive image of their various countries. The SDGs 9 and 11 are an integral part of BelleLaVie Corp’s drive hence the need to elevate and and empower our farmers. Here are some commodities BelleLaVie Corp can help so far with: Sugar, cashew and sesame.

If you are in government, a corporation, trading company, please feel free to reach out to BelleLaVie Corp: We look forward to working with you to make a difference.

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